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About Us

ORTHOPG is a novel brainchild that stemmed from the ingenious and fresh minds of our panelists, who were students not long back and were preparing for their exams, collecting every bit of information available, from every nook and corner, from every page of any book that came in hand.

Studying for hours in solitude, skipping meals, trying to grasp every word typed in the books, they all worked so hard that they hardly got time to move out or have a life, sadly which is the case with any orthopaedic resident. One fine night, a group of such students decided to do group studies, and it was then, that they decided to divide the syllabus among themselves and make notes for only the part that was given to each one of them, and later exchange notes with each other hence covering all the topics. To their surprise, it was much easier this way and much more effective. From then on, they all decided to stick to this style and hence helped themselves and others with the preparation.

  Thus based on this idea of ‘group studies’ these studentsbegan collecting and consolidating every bit of information available at one place. The best of everything put together at one place, is of much more use than going from one page of book and yet another book and then combining them together.They clubbed thiswith their own practical experiences andwith expert guidance from other specialists and thus a knowledge hub, ORTHOPG came into existence for all the orthopaedic residentstargeting such exams and making their lives a notch easier.

 Although, the journey so far, has not been an easy one, these people have been studying, working, and proving themselves all this while along with collecting and compiling all the best available information, which will now be handy to the students preparing today. But well, no one ever said, “Good things come easy” and hence they didn’t even come easy to any of our panelists. They have worked really hard in putting together all the pieces of information that have been collected in the books that have been printed for your reference and to help you prepare for your examinations in the best way possible.

Our panelists, Our panelists, being the specialists themselves, are sure to provide you the best of all that you need at one single place and hence are sure to make your life easier and save a lot of your precious time. The books and the entire database that have been prepared, is sure to be the best of the rest. The Question Banks have been prepared in collaboration with the best available knowledge groups and the most learned people, who not only have the theoretical knowledge but also a good practical exposure and hence are sure to come up to all the expectations of the examiners.

And as we have already said

"We believe in bringing the education to you, rather than making you hunt for it"

We are here to prove

"Nothing worth having comes easy"